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According to industry statistics, over 90% of new buyers who begin the search to buy a business fail to ever complete a purchase. Most were first time buyers and they admitted to having totally underestimated just how much was involved with each stage of the buying process. They felt overwhelmed and ill equipped to handle all of the new situations and major decisions they encountered.

The business you buy will determine your financial future: buy a good one and the rewards will be incredible! But don't take anything for granted. You cannot guess your way to success. It takes "know how" to be successful in this endeavor. When you have the right information, it's easy to make good decisions. But without the knowledge, you'll end up buying the wrong business!

Mike Rapoport are here to help you!

We will try to explain to you basic concept of business valuation:

    1.Multiple of Discretionary Earnings Method:This type of free business valuation is based on expenses the owner has control over such as his/her salary, benefits, and other discretionary items. These are added to the profits to arrive at a cash flow total. This discretionary cash flow is available to the prospective buyer to service acquisition debt and to pay himself/herself a salary.
    2. Excess Earnings Method:This type of business asset appraisal is used to assess a company's tangible and intangible assets. Its main purpose is to place a value on a business's goodwill by blending the asset-based and income approach methods.

In addition we are working with number of accounts, attorneys and financial planners who we can recommend for you to make a correct decision.

Mike Rapoport enjoy working with people and always ready to spend as much time each client need to purchase the business.


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