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About Us

Mike Rapoport specialists in selling privately owned business companies and Pawn Shop. We help people to sell their companies which has an annual turn over $100,000 to $50, 00,000 and who are willing to sell their companies for a price in the range of $70K - $10 MM

Selling, expanding or buying a Pawn Shop Business is a complex procedure. It involves a process of negotiation between the buyer and the seller. Selling Pawn Shop business is not like selling real estate which are easily done by real estate brokers who place a ‘For sale’ sign in front of the property. You cannot place similar sign in front of your business firm or list it in multiple listing services as you cannot control the confidentiality which may result in a poor bargain during the sale. Moreover, the consultants, CPAs and attorneys whose services are needed in the transaction may be busy in their own world unable to concentrate on your transaction.

During these circumstances you need a professional assistance. And we are those specialist professionals who help to do all these for you and make things easy for you. Our business is to help others sell their business. We do more than just bringing the two concerned parties together. Our expert consultants help you through this complex process of bringing all the concerned professionals like attorneys accountants, financial advisors together and carry out the transaction process smoothly

We help you sell your Pawn Shop business for the best possible price. We do this by analyzing data compiled on the sales of similar businesses.

Our services include

  • Preparation of your business for market
  • Professional preparation of a marketing package and strategy
  • Discreet and aggressive advertising of the business
  • Screening of the potential buyers of your business
  • Negotiation of purchase price and terms
  • Preparation of sales agreement and related documents
  • Getting the transaction done for the best price and shortest time possible

Selling Business is Our Only Business!

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